5 Effective Ways To Get Your Name Out There

450745155This blog post is about 5 Effective Ways To Get Your Name Out There,

Basically, it’s the ingredients to create your ultimate marketing mix.

After defining your goals, objectives, strategy, and tactics, you can now learn about the best way of getting your name and your business to clients.

1. Advertising is the face of marketing and both are often used interchangeably. Advertising is marketing, but marketing is not advertising.

Advertising is how you reach new clients and communicate with current and previous clients. Advertising can include online ads, direct mail, ads in the local paper, flyers, business cards, etc.

2. Sales Promotions are also common tools to increase sales. You see these most often as discounts for services or packages.

3. Public relations is very similar to advertising in the sense that it is a form communication to your clients.

Unlike advertising, public relations is non-paid and is used to primarily influence opinions and beliefs. This includes holding informational events, passing out educational materials, speaking at community events, etc.

4. Personal selling is the face-to-face contact with prospective clients and current clients during services. It’s goes along with networking, giving talks or hosting events at your clinic.

5. Networking is one of the most common and popular ways to receive new business referrals. It is through word of mouth.

Networking and putting your name out there with your clients, colleagues, friends, and family members is a great way to build your client list.

Not to mention the support system you’ll gain.

There you have it!

A few essential marketing basics that every LMT should know.

If you find that your marketing efforts aren’t getting the results you want or need, don’t give up!

More often than not, you will make some mistakes to learn from.

You can always re-evaluate your plan and make improvements.

I look forward to hearing your feedback on how you implement this new knowledge and tools.

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