Schools and Student Clinics


Why does your school offer the general public massage services through a student clinic? 

  • For your students to refine their massage skills under the guiding hand of instructors
  • For your students to learn how to work in a massage clinic
  • To provide community outreach opportunities
  • To provide massage at an affordable price
  • For clinic operators and owners to find their next employees

Basically, all of these things!  But there is more that is not directly related to massage and is just as important when it comes to the success of a student: the business skills and savvy to operate the clinic.

In the digital age we live in, a majority of the population has embraced hand-held personal technologies and has the expectation of immediacy in all things.  Does your student clinic prepare your students to operate a touch profession in a technology driven environment?

With a custom built Massage Perfect Website, you the school have a powerful, educational and operational tool.  Not only will a Massage Perfect Website streamline the operations and management of the student clinic, it provides the students with first-hand experience in digital marketing and clinic operations while educating your clients that seek out massage!


So how does a website do all this?

A Massage Perfect Website is built with relevant content such as: a massage therapists answers to pathology based concerns, clinical and patient health intake forms, online scheduling with built in reminders and birthday well wishes, gift certificate sales, a client management system, and professionally written blogs and monthly newsletters!

All of these services are provided by one provider, no multiple payments.  You have an account representative you can speak with on the phone to help with any and all questions and full technical support of your website as part of the service.  A Massage Perfect Website is designed to be low maintenance and high impact.  We do all the maintenance, you make all the impact!

Written by professional technical writers who are massage therapists and/or instructors of massage, Massage Perfect Websites include an ever growing library of client focused massage articles such as:

  • Monthly Newsletter to your clients – informs them of monthly health observation dates, health tips, self care suggestions and a massage call to action.
  • Weekly blog posts – blog posts are a great way to drive your clients to your website for information about massage.  Blogs also keep your website content fresh, which is important for Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.
  • Coming soon – there will be additional content that we will  be adding such as: printed patient education materials, business and marketing webinars, custom clinic forms, continuing education classes, and much more!

Massage Perfect Website services allow you to better prepare your students for not just working clinically, but providing them the entrepreneurial ability to operate in the new digital era.