The Secret for Selling More Gift Certificates

There are two big benefits for massage therapists to sell more gift certificates – new clients and additional dollars received.  So why aren’t you selling more gift certificates?

It’s difficult to find a downside for selling more massage gift certificates. Consider some of the statistics around gift certificate sales:

  • 41% of customers trying a business for the first time do so because they received a gift certificate, that breaks down to 4 out of every 10 new customers!
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5 Effective Ways To Get Your Name Out There

This blog post is about 5 Effective Ways To Get Your Name Out There,

Basically, it’s the ingredients to create your ultimate marketing mix.

After defining your goals, objectives, strategy, and tactics, you can now learn about the best way of getting your name and your business to clients.

1. Advertising is the face of marketing and both are often used interchangeably. Advertising is marketing, but marketing is not advertising.

Advertising is how you reach new clients and communicate with current and previous clients.… Read more »

What I Learned From A Doctor – It May Surprise You!

In my career as a massage therapist I was fortunate enough to work under a doctor for part of my career.

I learned a lot about what was expected of me as a therapist: treatment protocols, common surgical interventions and post surgical care.

The real lesson I learned, and that I want to pass along to you, is a doctor’s bias, perspective and opinion about massage therapy as a treatment modality.

This can have a huge impact on your business.… Read more »

The Top 12 Tips To Work With MD’s

I practiced massage for many years in a medical office under a physician.

I found that many of my massage therapist friends struggled in speaking with doctors, and especially in how to ask them for a referral for a client, or for client referrals in general.

I know just how important having a steady flow of qualified clients can be for small businesses, and I want to share some of my insights after years of practice, trial and error.… Read more »

The 80/20 rule for your massage clients

I want to elaborate a little further on online marketing and the importance of having a powerful online strategy.

One of the basic principles of marketing is to go where your customers are.

Eighty five percent of website traffic comes from the search engines.

This means if you’re not optimizing your page, customers will NEVER find you in the thousands of pages that show up in Google.

You have to develop a strong online marketing strategy to reach those consumers or you might be missing out on some huge profits.… Read more »

Marketing Basics Every Massage Therapist Should Know

As I’ve learned in my career, there are a million things on our plate when we start our massage business.

But one of the most important things that often go overlooked or misunderstood is a strong marketing plan.

In my next three emails, I’m going to provide you with some marketing basics I think that every LMT should know.

Marketing defined is “the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.”… Read more »

Why Facebook is important for your practice

In this post, I am going to go deeper into Facebook.

By now, most massage therapists already know why they need a presence on Facebook.

Although the importance for including Facebook in your social media marketing strategy may be common knowledge, knowing how to do that may not be as obvious.

Some massage therapists use their personal accounts to build business on Facebook while others have separate pages to promote their brands.

If you are going to set up a Facebook page, or if you have one already, here are some factors to consider about which technique is most effective for Facebook marketing and why.Read more »

3 Free Ways To Get Patients From The Internet

These days, there is no getting around the fact that you need a website if you’re in practice.

It’s no longer about if you need a website, but when you get a website.

And to take it a step further, it’s about what’s done to your website to keep up with the Google-Bing-Yahoo (GBY) giants’ flick-of-the-switch internet changes.

I’ve collected 3 simple, yet powerful tactics that you can use to get more people looking at your website and generate more new patients online.… Read more »

The 4 Most Important Online Tools for Your Practice

You will remember me as the person that helped you get your license with my preparatory classes and test banks you used at

I am writing this blog post because in helping students transition to therapists over the last 10 years, I have heard over and over again the struggles massage therapists have to overcome to get their practices started.

So…I set out to make it a lot easier.

I gathered writers, researchers, web designers, graphic artists and marketing experts to create a tool that would allow massage therapists to take a touch therapy to a digital world.… Read more »

New Theme Customizer

We’ve added an awesome new feature that gives you even more control over your massage website: Theme Customization!

All of our websites are now equipped with a powerful theme customizer that lets you tweak the colors, fonts, and design elements of your website – at any time. And of course, our staff is here to help you with any changes the customizer can’t handle, or to make the changes for you.

Access your site’s theme customizer now by logging into your dashboard and going to Appearance > Customizer.… Read more »