The 80/20 rule for your massage clients


I want to elaborate a little further on online marketing and the importance of having a powerful online strategy.

One of the basic principles of marketing is to go where your customers are.

Eighty five percent of website traffic comes from the search engines.

This means if you’re not optimizing your page, customers will NEVER find you in the thousands of pages that show up in Google.

You have to develop a strong online marketing strategy to reach those consumers or you might be missing out on some huge profits.

Your website is a place to start because it serves at the digital information hub for you and your business.

But an online marketing strategy is more than just a website.

It’s interacting with your customers where they are the most and engaging with them.

Your online content and marketing should be done with a purpose and aimed towards your ideal client.

Think like your dream customer.

Where would they go if they need to find information and what would they be looking for?

If you’re not sure, follow the popular 80/20 rule: 80% of your content should be educational and 20% should be promotional.

Because of the fast-paced world that social media and the internet have created you’ll be left behind if you’re not providing your clients with something new and relevant on a regular basis.

In my next email, I will go over easy ways to do this by using social media.

Social media sites are not all the same and should not be treated that way.

I will help you figure out which one works best for your business and will help you get the clients you want.

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